Wow Sarah-Quita. What an achievement.

We are all in awe of your continuing ascent into the hall of fame of all sports people of all time, and of your ever-improving prowess on the water. It seems like every year you progress to new heights and improve in all conditions. We hope you enjoy this special moment and we are all so proud of you!

Sarah Quita clinched the 2023 World Title in incredible style by winning the final event of the year, the much coveted Aloha Classic for the 3rd time in her career.

Here are some words from Sarah Quita about this year.

“This year was pretty exciting combining the tours and competing in new places.
Particularly Cloudbreak,Fiji is a place I would never have imagined I would be sailing, that will definitely go down as one of my biggest highlights.

After the Canaries and Sylt I came into Maui leading the tour, which I felt gives a little bit of breathing room as Maui is such a specific wave and the locals are super competitive here.

So it’s a big ask battling for the title here. In the single elimination I was really focused on just getting the points I needed to make it through each round.
We had nice waves, but the wind was quite fickle, so I focused on getting the scores in rather than going all out every time.

The best advice I got before my semi final was to be patient for the set waves, and that’s what I kept in mind for my semi-final and final heats. I also listened to the locals and rigged big. I was out on my 5,3 Combat and 88L board in the final heat to give myself the best chance of catching more waves. It’s exactly what I needed and by winning the single elimination I also secured the world title. I did have that in the back of my mind somewhere, but when they announced on the beach it was a pleasant surprise!

I remember thinking some years ago that I’d like to be on the wave podium one day and it’s so satisfying to look back and realize I’ve been making it happen!

Big thank you to my Sponsors for allowing me to chase after my dreams continuously. Thanks to my Neilpryde teammates for their support during events and also my friends and family for there unconditional support. I’m really looking forward to keep improving my wave sailing and pushing the women’s level further.